Lifestyle Living

Our local community of residents at Lealow enjoy a quiet lifestyle set within safe, semi-rural surrounds. This low maintenance lifestyle encourages you to live the life you love.

Free yourself from the complications of urban life. Selling the large family home frees up assets to enable you to do the things you WANT to do. A smaller home within our community frees you up to travel. Close your door and leave knowing your investment is being monitored and cared for while you are away.

Whilst Lealow is a park for both residents and tourists, we work very hard to maintain the balance and ensure everyone enjoys the same level of enjoyment of their stay.

Choosing a lifestyle with Lealow means no more rates and land taxes are a thing of the past. Rental assistance is also available to those on a pension. You would be joining a community of likeminded people of comparable ages. There is an abundance of social and leisure activities in and around the park.

Join our small community and enjoy the benefits of country living while maintaining access to top class medical and hospital facilities and ever-improving links to major city destinations.